At Smart Cabling Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to any project size or location. We staff all projects with Smart Cabling technicians, and do not “outsource” our labor. In the past few years we've not only completed hundreds of projects in both the Midwest and Southwest regions, but Smart Cabling Solutions has also completed very successful projects ranging from Boston, MA to Nashville, TN to Honolulu, HI. Below is a sample of some of the projects we've completed.

Hospitals & Health care Facilities

Smart Cabling Solutions has completed many projects for the Healthcare industry including large single projects, and clinic roll outs. Among our customers are The University of Kansas Hospital, Salina Regional Hospital, Kindred Healthcare, Baptist Health System, McCune Brooks Hospital, and Hutchinson Regional Hospital


From some of the largest universities to elementary school renovations, Smart Cabling Solutions can handle the project. Some examples:

The University of Texas – San Antonio,

University of Phoenix, DeVry, Texas A & M,

DeSoto, KS High School, Lawrence, KS ISD.

Manufacturing & Distribution Centers

Large scale factories and distribution warehouses have very specific requirements for their cabling infrastructure. Most require remote distribution cabinets located in congested work area. Fiber optic backbone cabling is essential to these networks, and down time is NOT an option. Trust your industrial cabling install to Smart Cabling, who’s resume includes, Amazon, Bridgestone Tire, Home Depot, Ford, GTM Sportswear, ABF Trucking, and many more.

Call Centers / Customer Service Centers

At Smart Cabling Solutions, we built our business early on by specializing on large volume call centers, and offices. These projects consist of a very densely filled office space, and a large number of cable runs. Calls centers cannot afford down time, and the cabling infrastructure is critical. We’re proud to have many successful projects with customers like Citigroup, APAC Teleservices, Covansys, Travelers, and many more.