We are able to offer a full range of installation services

Horizontal Copper Cabling

Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A 10 gig, and beyond. Coax – CATV, MATV, CCTV, etc

Fiber Optic Installation

Singlemode, Multimode, Armored, Outside Plant, Fusion splicing

Data Center Build Out

Cabinets, Racks, Wire Management, Ladder Tray, Cable Tray, and more.

Demo & Removal of Old Cable

Regulations require that all old abandoned cable be removed.

Why Smart Cabling Solutions?

Here's why we continue to move forward with training & technology!

Cat 6A (Augmented Cat 6 cable), is the current choice for IT professionals to operate at 10gig and higher. While many of our competitors have very little experience with Cat 6A, Smart Cabling Solutions has completed many successful Cat 6A projects and thousands of Cat 6A cables and jacks. With the demand for higher speeds and more bandwidth, be sure your cable plant is installed by a company with lots of experience.

Smart Cabling Solutions has recently upgraded our technology within our installation dept to stay well ahead of current standards, and trends in the market. We have recently upgraded to the Fluke Versiv DSX8000 Cable Certifier. The DSX8000 is the most comprehensive fiber or copper cable tester available today. This tester is verified to TIA Level 2G - the most stringent accuracy requirement to date. The DSX8000 is the only tester on the market that is Category 8 ready.

We have also recently upgraded our fiber line with the Fitel S179A Fusion Splicer. Many years ago, we standardized on factory polished, fusion splice pigtails for all fiber terminations, and our success rate has been tremendous with fiber testing at the lowest dB losses we've ever had. The Fitel will help us continue to have flawless fiber installations for your projects.

The Midwest region and Kansas City area, in particular, are seeing tremendous growth in the manufacturing and distribution areas. The construction of large distribution facilities in this area has helped us to devote many of our resources into specializing in these type of cabling projects. Whether you have 50,000 sq ft, or 1 Million sq ft, Smart Cabling is here to help with everything from initial design to installation, and deployment of network equipment like Wireless AP's, switches, etc.