Good, Bad & Ugly


This is how we work

Smart Cabling Solutions believes all cabling installations should be neat, clean, and follow the latest ANSI, TIA/EIA standards. It is vital that industry standards be followed for your cable plant to work with the latest technology in networks today, and well into the future. This means cables should be routed neatly, no kinks, or cuts. Cables should not be cinched down too tight, and should never lay on lights or ceiling tiles.


Practices and schemes to avoid

Unfortunately, not all cabling contractors follow these standards. Sad to say, many are in business for the “short term”, and don’t have the experience, or knowhow to provide a high quality installation. They bid projects low, and cut costs at every turn, knowing that many times the end users just don’t know the latest standards. Change orders are common, which drives the final price well above the original quote.


What went wrong

Ugghhh, you’ve spent your budget on the low bidder, and now have a network cabling infrastructure that does not perform as needed. Too many short cuts, too little experience, and the end result is that you, as a network administrator now must deal with a sub-par network for several years to come.

Think SMART!! Don’t get a Bad or Ugly network!